4 types of Reading

Reading is an activity we do to get information. Through this activity, we are required to capture the idea and not just read it aloud. That is why there are questions related to the text of reading after we read a discourse. The problems are done to test whether we already understand the reading well or not

 “A house without books is like a room without windows.” Horace Mann.

  1. Intensive Reading
    • Intensive reading is reading text or some passages in the reading. In this reading activity students read a text to gain knowledge or analysis. The purpose of this reading activity is to read the short text. This reading intensive reading is done by searching for specific information. In essence, students read in order to gain knowledge.
  2. Extensive Reading
    • Extensive reading material can be selected at the lowest difficulty level of intensive reading. The purpose of this extensive reading is to train students to read directly and fluently in the target language for pleasure, without the help of the teacher.
  3. Aloud Reading
    • Reading aloud or reading aloud has a very important role in the world of English teaching. Teachers should know that reading aloud teaching should be given at the primary level because this type of reading activity is the basis of pronunciation of words.
  4. Silent Reading
    • Silent reading or reading this is a very important skil in teaching English. This reading should be used to improve students’ reading ability. Silent reading is done to get a lot of information. Teachers should make students read quietly so that students can read without any obstacles.

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