A And An

Article A and An are used to describe singular noun. A is for singular countable nouns which begin with consonant sounds and An is for singular countable nouns which begin with vowel sound. For example :

  • I saw a snake on the tree
  • A cat likes to come to my house
  • My sister gave me an apple
  • An umbrella was used

From the first and second examples ( the words snake and cat ) begin with consonant sounds and the third and last examples ( the words apple and umbrella ) begin with vowel sounds.

We can also use article A before words such as “European” or “university” which sound like they start with a consonant even if the first letter is a vowel.

For examples :

  • That is a university which we visited before
  • Do you have a euro ?

Those are some rules how to use article A and An

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