Adjective Orders

Adjective is a word that explains nouns, if there are more than one adjective then we must sort them according to the applicable grammar provisions

  1. Opinion

    The opinion or judgment of a person is placed at the beginning of the adjective order. An example of opinion / opinion is Beautiful, horrible, difficult, easy, etc. Example sentence: a beautiful girl, an easy test, a handsome teacher,

  2. Size

    The size tells about how much the size of the noun we will describe this size for example Large, enormous, little, small, tiny, high,


Expensive small bag

Handsome little boy

  1. Age

    Age or age tells about how old or young someone or something is. For example, ancient, new, young, old

    Expensive small old bag

    Handsome little young boy

  2. Shape

    is the physical form of objects, explaining the physical form of objects. Example Square, round, flat, rectangular.

    Sample sentence: a beautiful high new rectangular box

  3. Color

Is the color of the object we explain.

Example: black, pink, reddish, white, blue

Example sentence: a thick new rectangular green box

  1. An Origin

    Explain the origin of where the object can be from another country or place. Example: french, Indonesian , American, Italian, Greek.

    Example in the sentence: a rectangular green  Italian box.

  2. Material
    This adjective type explains what the ingredients of the noun are explained. Example = wooden, metal, cotton, paper.
  3. Qualifier

    Often also called the part of the noun, for example Rocking chair, passenger car, touring car,

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