Well every body, if we see from the tittle above means we are still talking about simple future tense but maybe “ shall “ is not really familiar if we compare with the auxilary verb “ will “ or “ tobe going to “. As we know we use auxilary verb will in American style and we can use it for all subjects in English, that is why “ will “ is more familiar than “ shall “. “ Shall “ is used in British style and it is only for subject “ I “ and “ We “.

For examples:

  • I shall visit my grand mother who is hospitalized in M. Hoesin Palembang tonight
  • I shall not hurt you if you do not have bad intention to me
  • We shall consume vitamins to make our body fit
  • Shall we help them ?

Different from “ will “, we often use “ shall “ in formal situation and it is usually to express obligation.

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