Enlarging Students ( kids ) Vocabularies by “Step by Step Games“

Vocabulary is the most important component to be able to speak English. Memorizing some vocabularies can help the students especially for the kids to improve their speaking skill but sometimes it will be forgot soon. So the teachers sometimes have to think hard to find the way how to make their students get more vocabularies but the students  are able to remember it in longer time. Game is one of the solutions for that. Here we are talking about “step by step games“. It can help the students to remember vocabularies. These are the ways:

  1. Invite your students to go out from the class and divide them in two or three groups ( depend on the number of the students
  2. Ask them to make a line based on their own groups
  3. Before, the teachers have to prepare some questions first to be asked to the students ( for example : mention ten animals which have four legs, mention five fruits of which the first letter is “ M “, etc )
  4. If they have been ready with their line, ask them by the questions which the teacher made before
  5. The group that can answer the questions correctly, they have to come forward for five steps but if they answer the questions incorrectly, they have to backward for three steps.
  6. The winner will be the group in the first position ( note : the game will be ended depend on the number of the questions

Don’t forget to ask the students about the number of vocabulries they have got after playing it (this game is especially for kids).

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