Future Progressive Tense

The future progressive expresses an activity that will be in progress at a time in the future. Form of Future Progressive is formed with :

The kind of Sentence



Positive (+)

S + will be + V1-ing He will be studying
You will be coming soon

Negative (-)

S + will + not + be + V1-ing He will not be studying
You will not be coming soon

Introgative (?)

Will + S + be + V1-ing Will he be studying?
Will you be coming soon?
  1. Don’t get impatient. She will be coming soon .
  2. Don’t get impatient. She will come soon.

Note : sometimes there is little or no differences between the future progressive and the simple future, especially when the future event will occur at an indefinite time in the future, as in (a) and (b).


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