Don’t you know guys,, Vocabulary is one of the important one in making sentence. When you want to make a sentence you should have many vocabularies in your mind. Then how if you don’t have many vocabularies in your mind? It means you can’t make a sentence and you can’t say any words. In some cases guys, some people get new vocabularies from their daily life, from school, from intensive course and from all social medias that they have. But when they get new words they remember those vocabularies at that time and they are easy to forget those new words. So, what should we do to those new vocabularies that we’ve just got from our environment? Here guys,, I’ll tell you what to do with those new vocabularies?

  1. When you get new word for example “ need”. You should repeat that word “ need” need” need” many times. You don’t need to memorize that word but you just need to repeat again and again.
  2. After repeating that word  you have to make a sentence from that word. For example, I need to go to my home. Then you repeat again that sentence.
  3. And the last one is practicing, practicing in the max point of this. You should practice the word in your daily conversation,, the more you practice it the more you can remember it.

By having those process above, you will never forget the new vocabulary that you’ve just got. So guys,, the new word will stay longer in your mind. See you and good Luck.

R.A Dwi Sartika

R.A Dwi Sartika atau yang akrab disapa Miss Dwi ini adalah salah satu staf pengajar di SpeakOut PalComTech Palembang.

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