Learning About Possessive Adjective And Possessive Pronoun

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Now we will learn about possessive adjective and possessive pronoun. Sometimes, the learners are able to apply in the sentence but they don’t really comprehend the different between them.

Well, one of the different between possessive adjective and pronoun is from the object followed.

Here are the examples of possessive adjective and possessive pronoun.

Subject                   possessive adjective

I                                               my

You                                         your

We                                          our

They                                       their

She                                         her

He                                           his

It                                              its


– i really need your help to repair my car.

– do you see Mr. Edward and his wife in front of our class?

– can he talk to her father?

Subject                   possessive pronoun

I                                               mine

You                                         yours

We                                          ours

They                                       theirs

She                                         hers

He                                           his

It                                              its


– There are 2 cars, the Alphard is mine and the Innova is hers.

– is the car yours?

– the green class is ours.

From the sentences above, we can conclude that possessive adjective needs object but possessive pronoun doesn’t. so please don’t gather them in the sentence, such as.. this is my mine, that is yours pen, this is mine pen or etc

Okay, good luck buddy.. :)

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