Modal Auxiliaries May and Might

There are a lot of kinds of modal auxiliaries; two of them are May and Might.  Both may and might have different functions. Here we will discuss some functions of May and Might.

We use modal auxiliary May for:

  • Something which we are sure of.


  • She may be coming to check her healthy tomorrow.
  • Oh My God! I may be late to the class

Showing polite requests:


  • May I visit your office tomorrow?
  • May I borrow your vehicle?

Showing refusal


  • You may not use my pen!
  • You may not look at that room for this time

And we use might for:

  • past tense of may


  • they asked to me if they might stay at my house for a week
  • he said to me that he might leave this city

Showing very polite request


  • Excuse me Miss, might I ask you a question?
  • Might I submit my tasks tomorrow?

So, we can use both may and might in our conversation, and apply them in our daily speaking.

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