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English is a Required language that must be learned by everyone not only for children and even adults are also required to master the English language. Why? because English is an international language. most people do not like english because they think English is a language that is difficult to learn. for that, some people need special tricks to more easily understand the English language. in the village, English is a language that is quite a difficult to meet because only school children who study it. For that, PalComTech Baturaja conduct an English training for residents located in rural areas through the program “SpeakOut Masuk Desa” PalComtech Baturaja can provide training in English language as well as opening insight to the village community that in today’s English can be learned easily and more fun. besides that the community will also be introduced to the internet through the lessons that will be given because all of materials in PalComTech already based Internet.

For the first time, “SpeakOut Masuk Masuk Desa” Program was held in Desa Terusan Di Baturaja. This program is followed for children aged 9 to 25 years. The enthusiasm of “SpeakOut Masuk Desa” participants for the first time was very good. participants reached 80 peoples with two different sessions. Here, for the first session of the participants in the form of children, with the theme of learning about introductions (how to introduce myself with English). while the second session of participants in the form of adolescents and adults, with the theme of learning about “How to Express Feelings”. Participants are very enthusiastic in learning and responding very well during the training.

Author:  Inda Nirmalasari, S.Pd (Tutor SpeakOut LKP Baturaja)

PalComTech Baturaja

PalComTech Baturaja

Jl. Sutan Syahrir No. 252 Baturaja Timur

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