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In this opportunity, we will discuss how to apply polite request in a daily life. It is used to make our request more polite, especially for somebody older than us. Here are some expressions of polite request.

  • Could you + V1…please?
  • Is it all right if you +V1…?
  • Do you think you could + V1…?

Would you +V1…?

  • Do you mind + Ving…?
  • Would you mind + Ving..?
  • ‘Would you mind if I…?
  •  Could I possibly…?

For examples:

  • Could you take a note, please?
  • Is it all right if you move that book?
  • Would you call me tonight, please?
  • Do you mind buying me some snacks?
  • Would you mind cleaning my room?
  • Would you mind if I stay at your home tonight?
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Melly Hartati

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