Regular and Irregular verbs

Regular and irregular are past verbs. We like to apply them in simple past tense expression.

But somehow, some people make mistakes in applying regular and irregular verbs in the sentences. Well, we would like to differentiate them in to several examples.

  • Regular verb

It just add –ed , -d and –ied in the end of the verbs


  • Play played
  • Work worked
  • Cry cried
  • Apply applied
  • Decide decided
  • Add added
  • Communicate communicated
  • Type typed                    etc


  • Irregular verb

There is a list of irregular verb, so we can’t use our own idea to change it


  • Go went
  • Swim swam
  • Sweep swept
  • Understand understood
  • Put put
  • Read read (red)
  • Fight fought
  • Draw drew
  • Wear worn
  • Take took
  • Eat ate
  • Have had
  • Fly flew, etc.

Guys, one of the ways to understand the different between regular and irregular verb is checking the list (for beginner). If we would like to find the past verb in regular and irregular verb, first is checking the list of irregular verb, if the verb is not available in the list, it means the verb is regular verb, so we just put –ed, -ied or –d in the end of the verb.

Well, Keep more practices to make you more understand! See ya!

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Melly Hartati

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