Teaching Direct – Indirect Speech

Based on the tittle, it seems complicated. Yeah it’ll be more complicated if we teach this topic without
dividing them into some parts. It can be divided into three parts :
1. Part I, it’s talking about conjunction should we use
2. Part II, it’s about present tense
3. Part III, it’s about past tense
We can choose one of the parts which is matched to our students. For example, if the background of
our students are junior or senior high school, we can apply part I and part II for them. Before, we have
to explain first,

1. There are three conjunctions :
– That, for (+) and ( – )
– If / whether, for yes / no questions
– W – H questions, for WH questions
2. Verb 1 ››› verb 2
For example :
D : Bobby said, “ I buy this house with my wife “.
I : Bobby said that he bought that house with his wife

D : John asked me, “ are you sleepy ? “
I : John asked me if I was sleepy
After the students get the point, invite the students to play whispering game but the last person should
change th sentence into indirect so the class will be nicer and it will be more fun.

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