As an English teacher, sometimes we have some trick about our way of teaching, for example in teaching speaking. Because speaking is different with another part of language, sometimes we need the special trick.

  1. First, ask the student to do not afraid to pronounce about some vocabularies whenever they speak. After  the students feel  enjoy they will get easier to catch every material that they have listened from the teacher.
  2. Second, ask them to do not focus on grammar first, but focus on their pronunciation. They can check the pronunciation in oxford dictionary. Make sure that every words is pronounced by a correct pronunciation.

Example :

Collage /’kalid3/ = pergguruan tinggi

Comfortable /’kamfetbl/ = nyaman

  1. Third, ask the students to repeat the vocabulary with the correct pronunciation, then ask them to make a sentence by using that word.
  2. Fourth, repeat the sentence that they have made three times, ask them to repeat confidently.
  3. Fifth, ask the student to tell to their partner about that sentence confidently.
  4. Sixt, make a group and ask the students to make a short conversation.

I hope this tips could help you to teach speaking. Have a nice teaching, and don,t forget to pray before teaching.

Best Regard

Septi Setiani, S.Pd

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