Variety of Learning Approachment


“Mengapa kata-kata Bu guru sanagt menyakitkan hati”

In order to achieve learning objectives have been set out in the curriculum, teachers need to make a series of learning activities ranging from planning, determining the strategy, the selection of materials and teaching methods, to the assessment. A series of learning activities in order to achieve the goals of education is often called the approach taken by the teacher or learning approach.

Types of learning approachment

  1. Individual Approachment

Individual approachment is a direct approach do teachers towards their students to solve the case protege. Individual approach is an approach that serves individual differences of students in such a way, so that by the application of individual approach allows the development potential of each student optimally. The rationale of this individual approach is the recognition of individual differences of each student.

  1. Group Approachment

Group approachment is the approach taken by teachers with the goal of fostering and developing social attitudes of students and foster an attitude of social solidarity. A group approach is a time are needed and should be used to foster and develop social attitudes of learners. It is recognized that a learner is kind of creature homo socius, that man tended to live together.

  1. Variation Approacment

Variation approachment isĀ  taken by the teacher to face the problems of the students varied by using a variety of techniques pemecaham the problem. When teachers are faced with the problem of troubled learners, teachers will be faced with the problems of learners varied. Any problems encountered by learners are not always the same, sometimes there are differences in learning, for example in terms of motivation. There are students who have low motivation, and there were excited to learn, some are less enthusiastic.

  1. Educative Approacment

Educative approachment is an approach that teachers against students who valued education aims to educate students to respect legal norms, moral norms, moral norms, social norms and religious norms. For example, when entering the classroom bell has sounded, the children should not be allowed to log in first, but they were made to march in front of the entrance and the class leader ordered to set up the line, and the children lined up in groups like. Then a teacher standing while controlling them. all are welcome to go to class one by one teacher greet and kiss the hands of teachers before being released. Finally, all the children went in and the lesson began.

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