Words Order in English

English has special way in arranging the words to be sentences, that’s what we call “ words order “. Sometimes we get confused how to write good sentence because we do not know the rules. Words order itself is how to arrange some words to be sentence correctly. Here we talk about noun phrase. For noun phrase, it is arranged by D O E C H

D – determiner

Examples : articles ( a, an, the ), possesive ( my, your, our, … ), demostrative ( this, those, that, … ), quantitives ( some, any, many, few,…;)

O- ordinative

Example : one, two, second, third and degree comparison ( most, more, adj + er )

E – Epithet / adjective

Example : nice fantastic, small, …

C – classifying

Example : noun which has function as an adjective ( American girl ), american is classifying

H – head

Head means the main noun. Sometimes epithet or adjective in noun phrase is more than one, so we can use :

Di Si A T Sha C M PA


Di = descriptive enumerator : beautiful, cheap, interesting

Si = size : big, small, short

A = age : young, old, new

T = temperature : cold, cool, warm

Sha = shape : square, round

C = color

M = material : plastic, leather, diamond

PA = verbs as adjective : bored, well – trained, handmade

Examples :

  1. Tiga wanita amerika yang cantik = the three beautiful American women
  2. Saya meninggalkan buku yang kamu inginkan diatas meja : I left the book you wanted on your desk

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